Our cause

Hang2Dry is the product of one woman's determination to seize hold of the "happily ever after" so often told in fables and fairy tales. Throughout my life, I have overcome my fair  share of trials. Now, I want to spread my regained confidence with the world. Led by my love for my daughter, I have decided to do what  ever I can, to try and make something good out of this bad  experience and support suffering children. I want my struggle, my story, my strength to serve as the starting  point for more women to stand up and say enough is  enough. It is my goal to inspire you to have the courage to love yourself more than anyone else, and separate from anyone who can't love you even better. When you're not feeling your best, you can surely look it. Our exclusive line of clothing and jewelry may be the first step toward you waking up to your true beauty. Inside and out.


Little girls around the world are lulled to sleep with bedtime stories of princesses, princes, and the famous "happily ever after" ending. In a sad reality, very few girls grow up to live the life they hear about in fairy tales. I know because I was one of them. When the curtain finally falls, you see the entire production for what it really is. You can admit you've always known it was just a show. 

At 25-years-old, I naively believed that the red flags would magically disappear after the wedding. Well, they didn't. In fact, my situation grew worse by the day. I realized that I exchanged vows not with a man, but a monster. Harsh verbal assaults replaced "Good Morning", and violent outbursts were exchanged for "I love you". I didn't know what to do.  After 5 years of silent suffering, staring at my 6-month-old daughter gave me the courage to say "no more". My mother, oblivious to my horrible relationship, gave me a book that changed my life. Just one small, yet profound line, "Are you happy?" No. I wasn't happy at all. I could no longer stomach the turmoil, I had to take back control.

And that's exactly what I did. Divorce was the first step to liberating myself. Sadly, my daughter was used as a pawn in his twisted plan to continue terrorizing me.
Now, everything I do is to protect women and children from having to endure my situation. I took my love for fashion and design and decided to use the troubles of my life as inspiration for victimized families dealing with abuse, separation, and limited opportunities.