THE KAFTAN - The official replacement dress

September 03, 2014




THE KAFTAN - The official replacement dress

The garment, which until just a few years ago, was reserved for vacations, worn by tourists who wanted to feel a little authenticity, has become one of the greatest must-have items in any fashionista's closet from Kate Moss to the Kardashian mama. Now, everybody wears it. But what made the Kaftan become so popular? 

Originally, the Kaftans started as an outfit for both men and women. In the daytime, these long dresses are worn and made of simple fabrics—perfect for the climate of the Middle East. In the evening, this pleasant, light, and airy garment is worn by adding precious decorations and combining textures that make the Kaftan look rich. Worn both in the day and at night, the key is in the styling.

The Orient-look has also become very popular, and many designers who are inspired by traditional Kaftans are making "the official robes" a "replacement dress" with soft blurred lines, which are flattering and suitable for many body types. They blur the body’s silhouette and give it a long and chic look, whether the body-type is tall and lean or shorter and fuller. Women mistakenly think that something long is only flattering to tall figures, but this is simply not true. While wearing a shirt and pants, the eye stops at wherever the garment is cut; however, a long dress creates the illusion of length and always flatters visually. 

Another great thing about the Kaftan is that it's possible to wear it anywhere, anytime, and always look chic. Just toss it on and you are ready to go. The secret is to add accessories and style it according to the time or place where you’re going. Long chains, bracelets, rings, a nice handbag, flats, wedges, or heels—these will all add unique style to your outfit. For the evening, you can accessorize with gold or silver.  As it’s been said,  "God is in the details.” 


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