Are you a #bagaddict… too ?

January 29, 2016

Are you a #bagaddict… too ?


Let’s cut to the chase. Most women LOVE fashion, but between us, we do divide into  “divisions” we have the one item that is always above others, the department we are heading straight when we enter Saks. Which one is yours? Is your favorite department holds this item you hold in your hand and put all your “can’t leave the house without it” stuff?  Women have lots of stuffs to love. We love “stuff” right? Shoes, make-up,clothes, and not to mention jewelries, perfumes and nail polish… But bags, this is one of the things that most of us just can’t live without. (beside, we need a place to put all the “stuff” I just mention, no?!)

Many women consider bags as one of the most expensive items in their shopping list but can also be the most satisfying purchase. I f I would need to describe an addict bag Women in one sentence, I would say that, if she is willing to exchange diamonds for bags… Well that’s a hint that they are bag addicts.

Now, Are you one ???   Test yourself and confess if you belong to this tribe !!! Saying YES to 5 or more items on this list, make you a respected member in the community of “Bagohollic Anonymous” who can not resist a bag.

  1. You just don’t care even if you’re closet is almost exploding for the number of bags you put in – simply because you know you can always add another room for these.
  2. Even if you don’t have many accessories during your walks or travels or even if you don’t wear a fabulous outfit but as long as you have your bag with you and you won’t miss bringing it, well that’s a common sign for your bag addiction.
  3. You just simply know when a bag is a designer one or not (Recognizing the designer is one of the early stages, so here we are beyond this point already) 
  4. You spend your entire budget on - bags.
  5. Because you have many bags, you bring different bag for every different occasion or you wear different bags to match your outfit.
  6. You treat them as if they’re a family member so you care a lot like you don’t want them to get even a little scratch ;) (Mmmm… yes, taking pictures of them in different location, and have a full gallery on Instagram also count)
  7. When everyone around talks about different things but you just talk about bags! The whole time! 
  8. You have at least one bag of each designer or each brand.
  9. Your homepage is and you check the web daily for the latest addition to the bag market.
  10. You call your bag collection “investments”.
  11. You have your criteria when buying bags and you tend to become meticulous when it comes to the material used or its quality.
  12. You subscribe to newsletters from popular bag stores online so you get to check and see immediately relies of every new collection .
  13. You have your favorite bag store and the whole staff knows you by name.
  14. You start considering it’s your stress-reliever…
  15. You can’t pick your favorite bag because you love them all.

If you found yourself as a certified bag addict, you may rase your hand now :-). It might be an obsession already but we just don’t care, because it bring us happiness pleasure and satisfying feeling. And for once this addiction is not damaging your health… Or is it?

Feel free to share how many YES you score above! 




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