Never Be “Basic” With These Beachwear Fashion Trends

July 25, 2016

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Oh, that is so basic. It’s a term you hear everywhere, but what the heck does it even mean. Trust us, you aren't alone. We had no idea either. We quickly figured out that being basic means being generic; typical; boring – and all those other words you never want associated with your fashion statement, let alone your personality. After all, women are so far from basic. We make humans in our bodies, for heaven's sake.  We are fierce, powerful, independent women - and our fashion should say just that! 

But being “different” with your beachwear can be a hard thing to do. With only a few fashion trends to choose from, you very rarely stuck out amongst the other ladies frolicking on the sandy shores or gossiping at the poolside bar who are wearing the exact same thing or style. Now that seems basic!  So, we're changing the beachwear industry up, offering beachwear, beach bags, kaftans, dresses and so much more for the ladies that are so totally not basic. Prepare to drop jaws and make a statement with these fashion trends, ladies. It's time to get fierce. 


Kaftans Aren’t Just Another Beach Cover-up

Beach wraps have really come back with a splash this year, but very rarely do they turn your casual beachwear into fashion masterpieces. So, we decided to add luxury into the mix with our 100% moss crepe silk kaftan. It’s exactly what you expect from a beach coverup, only so much better . You can quickly throw it on over your beachwear as the sun disappears and the air gets a little chilly, but the gold embroidery (yes – gold!) takes things to a whole new level. Beachside fashion has never been so glam! Plus, this kaftan can also be worn as an overcoat or robe for every day fashion too – and as we all know, versatility is power within any wardrobe.

Now, if you’re ready to bare a little more skin – and if you got it, flaunt it - check out our wrap dresses. They’re very similar to the kaftans, with the gold embroidery and sequins and sophisticated silk, but these styles show just a little more leg – and that deep v-neck will definitely turn some heads. You risqué devil, you.


Beachkins Are a Combo of your Favorites

handbags, beach bags, kaftan, Beachkin, beachwear, fashion trends

What’s wrong with the majority of beach bags out there , you ask? They’re just so basic. It seems like everywhere you look, someone has a matching style – and fashion isn’t as fun as it should be when you look like everyone else. Thus, it’s time to introduce the beachkin into your beachwear collection.

A beachkin is a combination of a beach bag and handbag, making it the perfect item for days where you’re enjoying the sand shores, little shops and unique restaurants. It can be taken straight from day to night; from a sandy boardwalk to a beachside bar - and you can even personalize our beachkins to showcase your powerful personality and style.  Now that, my friends, is so far from being basic.


Sunshine, Shade and a Statement

handbags, beach bags, kaftan, Beachkin, beachwear

You know when you’re flipping through magazines, looking at all the celebrities and wondering how they look so damn glamorous and unique, while also looking normal. Well, it’s all about the accessories, ladies – and it’s a style secret that will change the game.

You could be wearing the most basic outfit, but if you have at least one slightly outrageous fashion accessory, your entire look gets revamped. So, whether it’s these statement-making sunglasses or a personalized handbag, never underestimate the power of being different and unique! It's time to make a statement. 



Let's get real here for a minute. Every lady - yes, that includes you, deserves to be way more than just basic – and it starts with your fashion and attitude. Hang2Dry has combined the two, allowing you to make a statement with the beachwear you rock while also showing the world your powerful individuality.

Whoever said this is a man’s world has yet to meet see what we are made of. Join our monthly newsletter and shop today to make your mark on the sandy shores. 




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