Michelle Uber serious about... life?

February 06, 2016

 Conclusions of today… Or everyday. 

1. Winter time is a caloric suicide!

2. Not working out for a week and a half and then plead to the weight-scale not to be maliciously criticized - not working!

3. Even if we really, really want to get close to someone and give him a hand, it does not really help him unless he will lend a hand back.

4. The fatigue is NOT because of the fact we went to bed at 2 am. It stems from that getting up at six in the morning.

5. Six o’clock is winning big time the title: “Worst hour of the day” (actually night) 

6. My heart and my brain not BFF.

7. My heart always wins. Even when he loses.

8. Courage is a rare quality in today's landscape, and that's a shame.

9. Even after a degree in psychology and experience of 3X years at Life… I could not figure out why we always prefer complexity over simplicity. 

10. Only Love will win all the tears, and love is everywhere.


Tomorrow I'm ready. Give your best shot :-)


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