Happy ? International women day...

March 08, 2016

In honor of International women day, let's take a look at the current Domestic Violence Facts and Statistic.

Even it's not a fun discussion, we always need to remember to take a look at the good things in life as well as at the bad. Women made a lot of progress but we still have a lot to achieve. Hang2dry want to encourage each and everyone to join the movement and contribute awareness to Domestic violence through anyway you feel comfortable with. Volunteer, Promote, Donate... so many ways to keep improving and help those who are not as fortunate as you....   

Domestic violence or the abuse of one partner within a family or in a relationship is one of the most abusive and complicated issue in the society. But DID YOU KNOW THAT it is also one of the major issues that has not been spoken and discussed in the public, in contrast to how important it is to be given action.

This abuse may be of physical, emotional, financial, sexual or psychological manner which can also happen to anyone regardless of their age, gender, religion or nationality.

Considering this is a human rights issue, it is devastating that domestic violence has been kept as a quiet problem. Though there can be many domestic violence researches, somehow the findings for these fail to get a serious attention as per the severity of the problem.  

Below are some of the facts and statistics of domestic violence based on reviews and studies which could help raise the awareness for this issue and serve as an eye-opening especially to those that are affected directly or indirectly.

  1. Majority of domestic violence situations are carried out by men and experience by women. 
  2. A woman is battered or beaten every 9 seconds in United States.
  3. There are 3 women murdered every day by current partner in the United States.
  4. There are 1500 shelters given to the battered women in United States.
  5. At least one in every 2 women will experience domestic violence in her entire life.
  6. Domestic violence is the top 1 cause of injury to women with ages from 15 to 44 in the United States compared to vehicular accidents, muggings and raping. 
  7. 25% - 45% of battered women were battered during pregnancy.
  8. Most of the batterers learned violence upon growing up.
  9. 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men have experienced attempted or completed rape.
  10. Witnessing violence within one’s parents or guardians is a strong risk factor of transmitting the violent behavior from one generation onto the next.
  11. Boys who have witnessed domestic violence are twice as likely as abusing their own partners and children in the future.
  12. 50% of lesbian women experience domestic violence.
  13. 70% of women worldwide experience physical and/or sexual abuse by an intimate partner during their lifetimes.
  14. Police report that between 40% and 60% of the calls they receive, especially at night are domestic violence disputes.
  15. Children who have witnessed violence in their homes are possible to emotional and behavioral disturbances.
  16. The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year while direct medical and mental health services costs $4.1 billion.
  17. 74% of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. 
  18. There are likely 600,000 to 6 million women each year that are victims of domestic violence. 
  19. Most of the people with lower annual income are 3times at higher risk of intimate partner violence than to those people with higher annual income.
  20. The average prison sentence for men who kill their partners is for 2 to 6 years imprisonment.
  21. Women of different races are equally prone to violence with their partners.
  22. Victims of domestic violence lost almost 8 million days of paid work because of the violence committed against them by their partner. This however is the equivalent of more than 32,000 full-time jobs and almost 5.6 million days of household productivity as a result of violence.
  23. 10,000,000 of children are exposed to domestic violence every year.
  24. 98% are financial abuse that occurs in all domestic violence incidents.
  25. Domestic violence is the 3rd of the leading reasons of homelessness among my family.


Again, Domestic violence is a crime we must stop. We all have the voice to let people know who and how it affects. Let us play our role in ending this.

Happy international women day! Wishing statistic improves a lot by the time we celebrate this date again on 2017.



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