A personal Assistant substitute, who doesn't need one (or ten)?

October 29, 2018

Read all the way and find a free planer offer to those who share this post!

I definitely need a few of this magic "personal assistants" but "budget" is in my way. So here is an affordable substitute I found :-)

At Hang2dry we love to empower and support women, and this planner would be efficient for our gang that mainly includes ambition and busy ladies that juggle life, work, family, relationships, hobbies and social life (if there is still time left?!)
Here is what the founder, Alex Stearn, says:
I have enjoyed running my own business for many years now; however, one of my biggest frustrations has been the constant fight against time, overwhelm and the feeling of disappointment when I have not achieved enough.
About 2 years ago I decided I'd had enough. I tested numerous planners over the years, but none of them really offered me what I was looking for, so I embarked on a long journey to create my own. 
Excited at the prospect of being a more organized, productive, focused and creative individual; I set out to create the 'Champion' of Planners. This planner would have a place for everything, address all my productivity and time management problems and would be only second to actually having a Personal Assistant.  It was going to be like a trusted companion,  helping me to stay focused and guiding me effortlessly through each month, week and day.  
MY PA  started to take shape in 2015. I had a copy printed at a local printer and have been making improvements and additions ever since.  
My PA is more than just a planner. It's a road map for your success with everything you need to turn your vision into a reality.
It's designed for creatives, freelancer & entrepreneurs who really want to make the most of their gifts and lives. 

Think of it as having your very own 24/7 personal assistant helping you to stay on top of your game, stop you from feeling overwhelmed and help you make every single day count. There is a place for every goal, project, idea, thought or intention. 
It offers such a simple system and guides you step by step through creating your big goals and then listing the projects you need to do to achieve those goals. It then helps you to break these big goals up into smaller monthly, weekly and daily goals as you go along.  It makes every more simple and straightforward and takes away all those feelings of being overwhelmed and makes all things seem possible.
The planner itself is 10 X 7 inches. It can be easily carried in a handbag or briefcase. The pages are section-sewn which makes it possible for the book to lie flat even when opened in the middle.
The matt laminate cover is easy to keep clean and flexi-bound, purposefully chosen to give a workable and friendly feel. The thicker elastic is designed to hold the notebook shut and can be used as a bookmark so that you can easily turn to the right page every time you open the notebook. There are two ribbon markers as well to help you keep other sections to hand.
If you would like to find out more about MY PA, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/campaigns/my-pa-planner-the-2019-personal-assistant-planner
I am also giving away the FULL PDF version to anyone who shares our campaign. Simply share and send a screenshot to mypaplanner@gmail.com

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