Ethnic is the new black

June 23, 2015

Each culture has its own sense of style. The history of fashion has been built on taking something that already exists and giving it a unique twist. Ethnic wear has become incredibly popular. The Kaftan is an amazing, trendy, classy garment because in encompasses all the richness from around the world. Anyone can wear it and feel part of today’s sensibility, a melting pot of global style.

Back in the Ottoman Empire, the sultans wore richly decorated Kaftans. The colors and patterns denoted the status of various individuals. Today, it’s en vogue to wear a Kaftan with beading and fine embroidery. In Morocco, the garment (like today) has been worn for both casual and special events, depending on how it is dressed up. They often utilized belts with their dresses. Our gorgeous modern day Kaftans are shown with sashes keeping the ethnic integrity of the outfit, but also to give it added shape and style. The Kaftan has been proudly and beautifully worn in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and even Russia. It encompasses the exoticness from so many backgrounds and peoples over millennium. In the West, we now wear the Kaftan because designers understand the value and glamour in wearing ethnic clothing with a contemporary touch.






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