Lets talk about INFRINGEMENTS

August 16, 2015 1 Comment

Hang2dry being bullied lately by a small blogger (that staying anonymous, because bully is not "in")  that wants to make headline for herself.... So we decided to straighten the facts that she spread around, because we are a fan of the truth, and not enjoying her bullied attitude. 

So... Are we to be blame with infringements? 

Starting with the fact that The Beachkin Bag is not a Birkin-Hermes Fake, and are not considered as fakes because:

Those bags are not advertise as Hermes

Those bags are not using Hermes's logo or "look alike" logo to make an illusion. 

Those bags are made of PVC. PVC is not identified with Hermes.

The Beachkin Bags are Fun bags, don't claim or pretend to be Hermes. So it's not a fake.


What about Infringements?

Hermes is familiar with those fun bags, it is not a new product that this blogger found and bringing the "gospel".

Those bags are available in Asia for the last 2 years. Hermes never express any protest against any of the manufacturer who are making this bags, never filed a suit in court like doing with the Banane Taipei bag, and never even requested to stop the sells of this goods.

Taking "old news" and try to make headlines with nasty words and curve truth, is just a pathetic attempt for drawing attention to a slow traffic blog. 

Since starting Hang2dry's activity in order to promote a very important and personal cause, (Domestic violence awareness) and rase money for this through sales of fun fashionable items, I never thought I would come across nasty people like this one. I find this act of trying to spark a dispute between a small project like Hang2dry and a giant entity as Hermes a very miserable act. If Hermes wanted hang2dry to stop, they would not even need to spend $1 for a lawyer. It was enough to shoot an email with 2 lines, saying that this is what they want. 

Hang2dry is not the manufacturer or a big distributor. If Hermes wanted to enforce and stop this product from production or sells they would probably started it long time a go from the top of the pyramid, suing a bigger entities then this one.

Devote Hermes's time and efforts to stop The Beachkin Bag with going  after hang2dry is like trying to stop the flow of the Niagara falls with your feet....  

Trying to provoke, threaten, calling names... come on, I survived domestic violence, so this is nothing for me.

It takes a small miserable person to do that.

P.S wondering why would a person defame only one store, out of so many selling same item all over the world, Is this an objective writer job?  Is this person free of interest? 












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October 04, 2015

Still waiting for my “Happily Ever After”..

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